A Legacy of Construction and Restoration Excellence

Our Culture and History

Troon is carrying on the traditions, values, ethics and ideals of 40 years of experience in all aspects of commercial construction and restoration. Our unwavering loyalty and dedication to our clients and our craft has been integral in cultivating a legacy of excellence. trooncompanies Commercial2 800pxAt Troon our primary goal is exceeding our client's expectations in all aspects of the construction and restoration process. Our values of integrity, honesty and accountability extend to all aspects of the project from estimating through closeout. We believe open communication between the project team and the client is a key component to the success of each project. Experienced project managers and skillful administrative staff offer a spectrum of expertise enabling us to appeal to a broad variety of clients. Knowledgeable and skilled project managers and tradesmen offer years of experience ensuring we consistently deliver a product held to the highest standard.

Our Future

Our diverse range of clients take comfort in knowing our quality and commitment remain steadfast, while our ingenuity, technology and innovative results make us a leader in the construction and restoration industries. We will continue to challenge every facet of our operation to keep growing and raise the industry bar as we look to the future with great passion, anticipation and enthusiasm for our ever expanding business.